Straight from our kitchen to you, We keep traditions of baking

For over decades, we at NS Payyoli Mixture have been setting new standards in making mixtures. We are experts in providing farm to fork food solutions. From processing the finest quality of food grains to baking and milling, we are committed to deliver the best in everything we do. The most recent addition in our line of food products is our fast-expanding range of wellness and tasty mixtures. Our expertise and success is the result of our commitment to quality and years of research and experimentation. Over the years, our customers have come to expect the best from us.

Taste our mixture

Quality is the keyword at Payyoli Mixture, and customer satisfaction our motto

We use the finest ingredients, be it raisins, peanuts, curry leaves and aromatic spices. No wonder Payyoli Mixture is popular both in Kerala and abroad. Home-delivery option and our exquisite packaging make it an ideal gift for your friends and loved ones.